Time To Get Off The Couch

I’ve found the last year or so quite tough.

Being very much at my best around people, lockdown was something I was never going to get used to. Working from home may work well for some, but albeit quite fun at first, the novelty wore off pretty quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I put as much effort into my business as always, but the enjoyment seemed to be missing and I do enjoy my work.

Anyway, it’s over now and the world is trying to get back to some sort of normal, but it’s slow and I think we will see signs of the pandemic for some time to come.

Since the whole pandemic hit, unlike many, I’ve not bought a bicycle or a new pair of trainers, I’ve pretty much sat on the couch at the laptop eating my bodyweight in anything the fridge has to offer. The result – a three stone weight gain!

Nothing fits me, so even though we should go out now, I’ve nothing to wear!! Deciding enough was enough was the first hurdle, so I’ve started getting out daily to conduct some form of exercise. In addition I joined the local Slimming World group 4 weeks ago and the results so far are great – a loss of 16 pounds.

Not surprisingly, I’m the only fella in the group, as I guess many are embarrassed to admit they’re dieting – I’m past that. If you follow the plan it works and I enjoy the preparation involved in the food, the stories of people’s success (and failures) and the help along the way if you find yourself having a bad day.

So, I’ll keep you posted on my journey. My initial aim is to shed the weight gained and then reassess where I really want to end up.