Site Visit – Sudbury

Otherwise known as blooming miles away!

An early start for a 6am set off on a 4 hour journey by car to get to the site on time. The lender carries out a site visit, together with their in-house property consultant, which means no external valuer and no delays.

The scheme consists of one detached house and for the client, this will be their first project in their own right after assisting others for many years. First time developer funding can be tricky, but meeting the borrower answers many questions which it’s impossible to do reading an application behind a desk.

We arrived in the lovely village and struggled initially to find the plot, as the access is tucked between two cottages. Once off the main road, the short entrance leads to the former paddock, which will only have one neighbour, offering a cracking private position, yet only a stones throw away from anything you may need.

The lenders loved the scheme and the clients and we will progress the case to legals next week, hoping to commence the build in early May.