Hobby Addition

Most people know I’m a bit of a watch nerd and although I don’t really buy too many these days, I was pleased to pick this up recently. I used to have quite a few in my military collection, but interest changes and watch collectors tend to through all sorts of different phases. The strap bars on this type of … Read More

Fond Memories

My daughter was clearing the loft recently and found a couple of old photo albums. One was full of random snaps from a stint in Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland back in the mid 1980’s. I was 19 and three years into an army career at this point and as much as that particular location would send chills down most peoples spine, … Read More

Spear’s 500 2021

Pleased to be featured as ‘recommended’ in this years Spear’s 500 listing in the category of Property Advisers. I’ve managed to retain the listing for around 5 years now and as something I don’t enter, subscribe to or pay for, it’s nice to be considered as one of the UK’s top 500 within my profession. Does anyone take notice – … Read More

The Difference 8 Weeks Makes…

So, 8 weeks ago we collected Enzo from his mum and he instantly became part of our family.. A pure bred blue Italian Greyhound, we’d been on the lookout for what seemed like ages and then, by chance, we received details of a fairly local breeder. Now lockdown has brought out the worst in some people and puppy farms, ludicrous … Read More

I am live

I am live! If you’ve read a little already, you’ll be aware this place is just somewhere for me to randomly ramble on about me, the things I enjoy and what I get up to on a daily basis. I can’t even say what the regular content is likely to be, because it’s a journal and even I rarely know … Read More