Biking Staycation

Every year, a bunch of friends and I cock our legs over our motorbikes and head off, usually somewhere warm like France or Spain. Now, although we’re all double jabbed, we didn’t relish the potential problems crossing borders, so decided to stay in the UK. The decision was the West Coast of Ireland.

We watched the weather closely and it was getting worse rather than better, so whereas we’d usually cancel, we decided to go ahead. Five of us set off to the ferry in Cairnryan, Scotland and arrived well and truly soaked to the skin. We did our best to dry off during the two hour trip and the weather was much the same when we docked in Belfast around 5pm.

The destination was Limavady and despite the terrible weather, we took the coast road (slowly!) arriving safe around 8pm. Quick shower, out, out and quickly started to enjoy the local hospitality and of course, a few pints of my old favourite – Harp!

The next day, there was a break in the rain and we headed down to Donegal Town, along the Atlantic Way – a truly stunning part of the world and thankfully, for the majority of the day it was fine. Stopping only for a toilet break and some seafood chowder, we reached our destination at around 6pm and commenced what we came for – drinking and eating and have to say it was fabulous.

The next day was simply a matter of getting back to Belfast for the ferry, which we did, but using tiny roads and lanes through the countryside and thoroughly enjoyed it, away from all the traffic. As usual, we are on the minutes for the ferry and landed back in Scotland around 8pm. Then the worst part – the wet drive home, which was the wettest of the few days.

I arrived home safe and sound close to midnight, lashed the soaked clothing and dirty bike in the garage and crashed out. Let’s hope travel restrictions ease and we do not have to rely on the British weather next year.

That said, as the photo shows, I was wet, but happy…