Back Out In The Real World

I openly admit becoming a bit of a hermit since the very first lockdown last year.

People raved about Zoom, Microsoft Teams and the like for enabling face to face conversation and keeping in touch with business contacts and indeed loved ones. But as soon as it was announced we could mingle once more, those things have been tossed aside by many, as everyone rushes to get back out and make real contact.

Not me.

I often feel it is more productive to spend less time in the car, or on public transport, so have carried on with the video calls. But yes, I am getting out a little more and it was great to get into Manchester this week and meet with Rick Davey from The Bridging Group and later for lunch with Jeff Bungar from Kuflink. Both companies are already ones we use, so it was more business development than a new intro to a lender.

Business Development Managers, or BDM’s for short, are often targeted to meet a certain number of brokers, so my resistance isn’t well met and can often result in me feeling somewhat pestered. I’m therefore going to strike a balance with meetings, so let’s see where that get us…