A Day At The Architects

So, today we’re at the architects office to thrash out the finer details on the barn restoration.

It’s a big old lump at over 3,000 sqft and has full detailed planning consent to create a large comfortable family home. In addition to the planning approval, as the property is Grade II Listed, permission had to be sought in order to preserve its historical features. Now all permissions are formalised, the time has come to commence the restoration process.

The aim with any restoration is, as it sounds, restore as much as possible whilst ensuring all current building regulations are met. In most cases, a listed property tends to offer restrictions on the outside only, however, in the case of the barn, dating back to 1749, certain internal features were deemed to be of significant enough importance to be retained and those appointed to carry out the works have to be made aware of this. So today we met the contractor alongside the technical team in order to have everyone working on the same objective.

The plans are drawn and approved and once complete, the property will offer spacious, open plan living accommodation alongside 4-5 bedrooms, with luxurious kitchen and bathrooms. The property sits on a large plot with courtyard, parking and gardens. The location is sublime.

The barn has been redundant for many years, so you can imagine, it was a bit of a state! The pitched slate roof covering was full of holes and considered dangerous, so was completely removed and materials stored for use later in the project. The interior could be described as a shell, although much preparation is required before the project can get fully underway.

Choosing a contractor is a tough task. It isn’t all about money, but more focussed on ability and the appointed contractor has completed many such projects to an exemplary standard. Now the team is in place, it’s just a case of setting out who will do what and when. We have an architect, quantity surveyor, valuation surveyor, structural surveyor, building control officer, heritage officer, health and safety adviser and of course, a builder.

So, now everyone has met and each role established, it was agreed to commence the works at the end of the month. Expected to take around 4 months, the first job is to sympathetically strip back the property ready for its new layout. The roof timbers will be replaced and all structural work carried out. Once the property is wind and watertight, the internal works can commence. Thankfully, the weather shouldn’t hinder progress.

I will keep you updated…